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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  February 16, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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sttiondz. >> there's always something going on in san francisco. >> the president is in town. not everyone is happy to see him. >> deadly shooting at federal building in southern californi california. abc 7 news begins building in southern californi california. abc 7 news begins in 60 seconds
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>> we just went through a dim sum collection. mid afternoon snack. >> quick pit stop in china town for the president. he shelled out cash for the dim sum and took a little time for picture pictures. good evening. >> the president is in town campaigning for cash. we have team coverage tonight. we are live with a look at the president day in san francisco but first, lillian is live at the knob hill masonic center where fundraiser just wrapped up. lillian? >>reporter: it has been a whirlwind trip for the president. the event was the
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fourth fundraiser of the day at the masonic center the president appeared before an adoring crowd. 2500 people paid at least 100 dollars dollars to attend the fund requires. in the 25 minute speech the president said much has been accomplished in the three years he has been in office. health care has been overhauled. gay can now openly serve in the military. and the world motor wanted terrorist is dead. >> we refocus our effort on the terrorist who actually attacked us on 9/11. thanks to the brave men and women in uniform al qaeda is weaker than it has ever been and bin laden isn't around any more. that's what change is. >>reporter: but outside the president had his share of critic. protestors representing a variety of interests lined up along california street across the masonic center. >> i'm really disappoint entered the cabinet appointmen appointment. i'm disappointed in our whole political system and ruled by money. and i'm tired of voting for the lesser of 2 evil. >> he's out of touch with the
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people of america. he's not listening to them about reducing the debt. he's not listening about growing economy. he's out of control. >>reporter: none of the criticism seemed to phase the president. he was heckled twice by activist who bought a ticket to get in. >> there's always something going on in san francisco folks are not shy about sharing their idea in san francisco. >>reporter: the president raised 3 million dollars today. he levs for washington state tomorrow morning. live in san francisco, lillian kim abc 7 news. >> thanks. tonight impromptu stop in china town. we are live tonight with a look at what happened there. >>reporter: as you can imagine there was excitement everywhere the president went today but especially in china town where he had an informal meet and greet with the people having lunch. smiling faces. handshakes and unhappy baby.
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yes. the president must be in town. china town to be specific. at the great eastern restaurant on jackson. he worked the room taking picture and chatting it up while he waited for his food. >> we went for a dim sum collection. mid afternoon snack didn't want to have the whole 7 course because i have 5 events going on later. >>reporter: the presidential order was to go. disappointment for those who just missed him. >> it's news to me. i heard somebody. we were walking and i heard somebody on the street saying that he was here in the neighborhood. i'm sorry i missed him. >>reporter: for people in pacific heights the president fundraising dinner in the neighborhood was a reason to venture out in the cold. but they were just trying to to get home. >> my son school just around the corner and we normally cycle home on broadway every
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evening. cut through presidio and stay away from traffic but tonight we have some extra hills to climb. >>reporter: you heard the president was going to be here. >> yes. >>reporter: what do you think about that. >> good. >>reporter: good except. >> i would love to meet him. well it's just getting a little cold. >>reporter: ashley hoped to catch a glimpse of the president going into this home of anderson and his wife. >> having dinner in my neighborhood is pretty excitin exciting. >>reporter: she didn't have the 35,000 dollars needed to get in but her presenter situations tense paid off as the presidential motorcade finally made its way in. now right after the president arrived we actually left to come here to the masonic center i have no doubt folks stayed around to see what else they could catch a glimpse of. this is 7 news. >> no doubt. thanks very much. >> tomorrow the president will travel to everett, washington where he will tour a boeing plant to discuss the built to
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last economic policy. >> on the republican campaign trail mitt romney picked up endorsement from michigan governor ahead of the state february 28 primary. rival rick santorum has momentum on his side. one poll shows him ahead of romney in michigan by 42 to 24 percent. romney grew up in michigan. his father governor there. he's counting on family ties and campaign war chest that has him out spending rick santorum by 50 to 1 margi margin. >> southern california immigration and customs enforcement agent dead tonight and another wounded following a confrontation at federal building in long beach. police say ice agent shot and wounded his supervisor before being shot and killed by an agent who intervened. >> at this time we believe this was an isolated incident and we believe the shooter was acting alone. >>reporter: ice says the wounded agent is in stable condition. there is no word yet on motive for this deadly dispute. the search for victims of the so-called speed freak
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killers now moves to second abandoned well. investigators spent today finishing up a massive dig at the first site identified by convicted killer boni ent found there. he led investigators to the first well after sacramento area bounty hunter promised the pay him 33,000 dollars. there is a two million dollar arrest warrant out tonight for man vallejo police say he rape a woman in september. vernon also suspected of severely beating a woman in december and carjacking 20-year-old virginia la jolla man in september. vernon has prior convictions for weapons, theft and assault with a deadly weapon. in the south bay man who stopped to make a cell phone call realized he was witnessing a bank robbery happened screws days before his reinstatement as san jose police officer. as lisa explains, being a civilian didn't stop him from cracking the case.
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>>reporter: san jose police say these men robbed this bank on the alameda monday. on tuesday aggressively hit this wells fargo on saint teresa boulevard. >> based on the style and manner they entered the bank i knew it was a take over robber robbery. that there's probably armed and at the time i had nothing on me. >>reporter: michael felt helpless as it all went down. his reinstatement as san jose police officer wouldn't be official until today. and on tuesday he was still a civilia civilian. simply stopping in the bank parking lot to make a phone call. >> my initial thought was i wanted to do something. i wish i had this or had that but given the situation that i was in i had nothing else better to do but to be a good witness. >>reporter: he left the department in june after getting pink slip but the lack of that tuesday didn't stop him from reacting. he followed the suspects as they run to their get away car. and dialed 911 with their license plate numbe
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number. >> officer not been there to give us a license plate and description of these suspects there is no teing where we would be in the investigation right now. >>reporter: within a few hours the 3 were stopped and arrested in salinas. all 3 suspects remain in custody. if they are found guilty they could each face a minimum of 20 years in prison. in san jose, lisa, abc 7 news. just ahead here tonight. 7 news i team investigates miss tires problem affecting a lot of jeep owners the so-called death rattle just ahead. >> less than 24 hourts to the bay bridge closure. lend a hand to fellow commute they are weekend. >> best web site to hit when looking for a new job. >> on nightline. >> coming up fix onx "nightline". these guys work the night shift making big buck catering to female client. what they dies legal they say. >> criminaler grill sent 1 diner to the hospital. that's on
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> imagine driving down the highway and the car suddenly starts to shake. violently. that's what is happening to a lot of jeep owners.
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>> we have been investigating the prison problem and obtain public records to link the problem to serious accidents. dan reports. >>reporter: at this time is a scary experience. these video from you tube show how frequently it happens to some jeep owners. it's become so common it has a nickname. the death wobble. because it is so jarring. >> it literally feels like the front end of your vehicle is going to shake apart. >>reporter: jerry and christopher are 2 jeep owner from his oakland who say it is happening so often they have started documenting their wobble. jerry and chris are not alone. i experienced the death wobble in my own jeep wrangler. look at this producer 2006 jeep. the vehicle hit a bump at 50 miles an hour and here comes the shaking. chrysler owner jeep and declined our request to good on camera but issued this statement saying vehicle i equipped with soiled axle can be susceptible to this condition. jeep says the
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problem can be fixed. are you teamly corrected with a change of tires or installation of simple steering dampener. >> they were willing to change the steering dampener on my vehicle. >>reporter: however days ago we drove with jerry when it hit again t.chris replaced the dampener and hit by the wobble again. dealer told him had he bad tires. >> there's no reason that my vehicle should be unstable when it has 20,000 miles of wear on tires rated for 50,000 miles. >>reporter: the i team analyze the complaint database of national highway transportation safety administration. since 1995 we found more than 600 complaints about jep wobble or vibrating. mostly wrangler since 1997. no death reported but at least 5 people report being injured. jeep denies the injuries were related to the death wobble stating this is not a safety issue. and there are no injuries involving chrysler vehicle related to the allegation. name you have given to this condition has no
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basis in fact. e-mail here says they are aware of the condition and reviewing consumer complaint as received. because the problem is enter minute and predictable the vehicle remains controllable and that the vibration can be mitigated by applying the brake. >> because i can slow down my front end won't fall apart but every time i do that i'm risking causing a pile up on the highway. >> this is something that i purchase to be able to drive at freeway speed there was no waiver disclosure at the time associated with it that i should have to be concerned driving it normal speeds. >>reporter: scott valley mechanic specializes in jeep. >> i have experienced it hundreds of times. >>reporter: he's seen the death wobble mostly on the wrangler but it's seen on other jeep vehicle as well including cherokee and grand cherokee model. they have the one piece of metal in common. kevin runs this popular web site for those who experienced death wobble.
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>> if you upgrade to after market products which are thicker beaver stiffer that seniority of thing then oftentimes that eliminate the problem completely. >>reporter: jerry and christopher say the dealership never mentioned that the problem might be the track bar. they are frustrated. continue to experience the death wobble and mechanic say they are not alone. >> i think that jeep should be liable for at least some reimbursement cost. >>reporter: chrysler says the vehicle meet or exceed every applicable government safety standard and excellent safety records. but some jeem owners might disagree with. that we weren't to hear about your experience. call our tip line at this number on the screen. this is abc 7 news. don't forget bay bridge closure begins tomorrow night. upper deck heading to san francisco will shut down at 8:00 p.m. lower deck will stay open the whole time. upper deck is closed until 5:00 a.m. tuesday as crew recop figure the westbound approach. bart trains will run around the clock from any night until tuesday morning and there will
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be extra ferry service as well. >> keep track of the closure here on our web site facebook and twitter. become an exclusive traffic spotter. good to receive slash weigh to down load the app to your smart phone. >> hope it involves some time outside. >> it should be really nice out there. let's check in with sandy. >> a little bit of everything this weekend. we have sun. clouds. and yes even some showers. all beginning tomorrow night but today it was unbelievable how beautiful it was. 70 degrees in santa rosa today. 70 degrees if napa. well above the afternoon. san rafael, oakland, redwood city all 68 degrees. nearing 70 in fairfield antioch. 66 san jose. coastal area san francisco half moon baylow 60' 60's. up towards cloverdale it was 68 degrees. people were talking about the mild weather. allen writes it was a beautiful day. didn't expect it to be so warm. linda h
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perfect weather but i know we need the rain bad. yes we do running from 29 to 51 percent of normal here in the bay area. and i went out and couldn't believe this was february weather. hard to believe. but it's all going away. lovely look from the camera setting sun at 5:49. 1 glimpse of it. one small cloud. other than a patch of fog in santa rosa moe most 80's reporting clear sky. santa rosa down to 41 writ now. 40 in napa. we have some low 40's around livermore, los gatos mountain view half moon bay falling 39 degrees. we are in for mostly clear and chilly tonight. 80's of light written tomorrow night. chance of rain again on sunday heading into your president day but it's not going to be a wash-out for the weekend so here's a look at the next system that's coming. this is the cold front that will bring us a chance of rain and when we do get it it's going to be extremely light and spotty you will see it here tomorrow afternoon. sun will be out. see some clouds
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gathering then as the day goes on the cloud thicken. by the evening hours some showers begin to approach at 8:00 p.m. as cold front araves into ukiah. half moon bay spotty drizzle then really the showers again to pick up a little bit. not intensity but just a little more widespread at 11:00 o'clock. hopefully most are done with your plans oregon by then. showers more it's not impressive at all. spotty late rain less than 10th of an inch. we need more rain and snow in the sierra to catch up where we should be this tame of year. chilly in. mid 30's in the coldest valley location and most other areas in the low mid 40's around the coast and bay. tomorrow afternoon lovely day but not quite as mild as it was today. 65 in san jose. 62 for new sap may take 0. mav moon bay 65 for new santa rosa. san rafael 62. same they think for vallejo. mid 60's in livermore fremont and antioch. look at
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the monterey bay partly cloudy and then as the night goes on we start to see development of possibly some rain. morgan hill 65 degrees. spotty light rain friday nature in saturday morning. not much. cooler next couple daysment sunday night into monday we see another possibility of some wet weather and then back to sprin spring. wednesday thursday we see 70's returning to the bay area so we'll get a little bit of everything over the next 7 days. >> sure sounds like it thanks. >> another bay area tech stock ready to trade public klichlt how much they hope to make next month. >> oscar sunday february 26 writ here on 7. rate now you can predict the winner and latest buzz at >> down load exclusive oscar app for i-phone and i-pad to catch the latest live back stage on oscar sunday. check it out we'll be right back
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ced >> yellp closing in on the initial public offering. today the on line review service set a price range of 12 to 14 dollars a share. if the i p o goes in the upper range it could raise 115 million dollar
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dollars. scheduled a price on march first and begins trading march second. >> google is reportedly ready to roll out the new drive cloud storage service and device according to the silicon valley business journal. drive would allow people to store large files on line and will compete with coast like drop box and you send it. linked in tops the list of social networking site used by professional recruiter. linked in drives the most view with applications. also found that both twitter and facebook are under used for recruiting. more on the head lanes in tomorrow print edition of the silicon valley business journal. >> state rae mining californians not to skip out on paying their share of the sales tax to pay when making on line purchases from out of state retailers. state says it its losing about 1 billion dollars every year on unpaid taxes. for now the use tax is reported on the honor system and state hopes more people will voluntarily declare it this year. >> hps to talk by. larry here. >> a ton of college basketball.
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yes. first place in the pack 12. they need it career night from justin cobb which they got is. cal. sports is ne c
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>> good evening. cal bears are fighting for the pack 12 championship tied for first as they come down the stretch in the regular season hosting oregon team tonight that was hot on their heels. not a basketball game without jack sparrow on happened. he has the hat and everything. justin cobb to robert thurman. dunking. later cobb takes it himself. nice drive. cobb the trash talking can't do that. second half. jonathan lloyd with carlos. duck were up 6 and inside plus the foul bear up 2 with a minute left. nature belonged to cobb as you see here on the drive and
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finger roll. contrary high 28 for cobb. cal tied for first with washington to be. huskies also victorious yeah 86-83 the final. stanford beat oregon state 87-82. randall tied the season high with 24 points. crazy finish on the hilltop here. inside a minute. green knocks it down. tl matt killed usf tonight. he had 30. cougars by 1. chance to win. step back jumper almost same shot he hit. way off. anglo for 3 and the win. no. rebound. loose. scramble on the floor. fv time expires and byu holds on 85-84. santa clara taking on gonzaga. the great take. cross-over. finish. broncos down fifty half. about robert about 20
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for him. santa clara drops the 14th straight. i was i was going to use lynn but i think i used enough of. that 73-62 za zag. women pwachbility third rank stanford keeps rolling along. beat oregon state. if 27 points here and cal beats oregon. shark made a deal with tampa today acquire senator moore for draft pick. not in line up in tampa. he has to do something to energize the team. the shot. net comes off the mooring here. normally it kills the play automatically. michael put the puck it. call ate goal. game tied at 2. should be score ending 149 game scoring drought first goal since december of 0anybod 0anybody. 4-3 san jose into over time tied at 5 less than 40 seconds left. marty good night game over drive home
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safely. sharks go down in overtime. we have to have jeremy lynn news in every show now a rule. all star weekend invited to play in the challenge game for rookies second year player and dunk contest passer and nba initially said lynn would not be invited to orlando then they sold a top of lynn jersey now they want hi. the northern trust open put your trust in phil. win at pebble. opening round. leads by stroke. tee shot on 16 almost a slam dunk ace slam pd into the flag strip so far it tore up the hole. he pars the hole. >> that's your toyota sports report. >> "nightline"is next. >> remember keep track of the latest breaking news on twitter at our web site. >> thanks for watching. have a
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